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The key to abundance is meeting limited circumstances with unlimited thoughts. ~ Marianne Williamson


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Our “No Family Left Behind” financial Mini-Course covers the practical every day financial concerns of families and entrepreneurs with

  • practical explanations to serious financial questions
  • hands-on “use now” real world exercises
  • a straight forward REAL education

Are you and your family financially secure?…Questionnaire

 Is or has the market eating up your 401K/403B?
How comfortable are you with your savings, retirement, college fund in a volatile market and exposed to taxes?

Grow Healthy finances.

YES!  I’m introducing you to hidden financial tools and strategies and concepts to help you create a financial life you love.  No matter where you are currently financially together we will correct the mis-education and financial myths our community has struggled and suffered under for generation. Yes! Prosperity and generational wealth can happen for your family too.  Get started today complete the survey

This is your time to choose to RISE financially!

Secrets of the ultra-wealthy you can learn and use too!

It’s viewed as an insider secret for the affluent: a legal way to invest…all without paying taxes on gains.

– New York Times, February 2011

Step-by-step you’ll feel your leadership ability to financially SECURE your family increase.

WARNING: Our sharing will most likely make you slightly to moderately to significantly uncomfortable. Your money consciousness will be stretched with these little know and unfamiliar (to the 95%) concepts and fundamental financial truths.
~ AND yes, we will talk about money from the spiritual side of manifesting for those who are so inclined.
“No Family Left Behind”
WEBINAR/Mini-Course Series.
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The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
-Lao Tzu


Oneness Wellness FoundationPresents

“OctoberTruth” ~Unveiled Lifestyle Mysteries~

  • Spirit 
  • Mind 
  • Body 
  • Family 
  • Finance 
  • Community 
  • Environment 

Why YOU Are the One. 

October 30, 2016 Charlotte NC

Tickets $50 in advance $75 after September 9th. 

25 VIP luncheon seats.

Featuring Motown musician Wali Ali & The Biggest Little Band as musical guest. 

Stay tuned! 


The $2.5 Million Secret

There’s a whole lot more going on than we’ve been taught.  The $2.5 Million Secret is now yours if you can only believe and implement.

shshshshThe masses, 95% of the population don’t have a clue.  Worse yet, they have been conditioned with dis-information, false information that is given to people by design in order to make them believe something or to hide the truth...

There are long standing secrets kept about money.  Here’s one secret, it’s easy to grow big money. Here’s another one, anyone can do it. How about one more? There’s a way to grow money without risk of loss, tax or gamble.

There you have it, just three of the secrets, truths kept from the masses that you are probably skeptical about reading from me because you’ve been conditioned to habitually think and to eventually believe “only the rich get richer” reinforced by the get a good job, paycheck to paycheck struggles.

How did I discover this secret?  I found out by keeping a determined mindset that it can’t be as hard as we all being lead to believe.  I’m sharing with you, really revealing a secret truth so we all can know and implement the $2.5 Million Secret in our lives for our families and communities.  It’s past time to lift the veil as it were and give you what’s been hidden.

is it true_best financial tools

If you’re still reading this you may just be one who can escape the false and accept the truth. Your life just got made! However, for most and maybe even you, there still lurks in the recesses of your mind a “too good to be true” suspicion.  Yup, that’s exactly why and how the masses are kept dumbed down. Like a hamsters on a wheel busy going nowhere, they don’t need to know this secret because they don’t want too know.

There will be less people in the 95% when this is realized. If you are in the 5% who really have some money you may know what secret I’m talking about. In truth only 2% know this $2.5 Million secret and have the right answer to the real question, so how much more money do you want to loose?  None.

So, I said all of that to say what?  Black Women In Finance and The Men Who LOVE Us know the $2.5 Million Secret. As a mother’s movement of dedicated daughters and committed sisters it is our duty to reveal, share and implement.  In five years or less we will turn the economic situation around with a new way forward.  Prosperity in this country in our communities is far from over for those who have the heart and mind to prevail abundantly and leave a generational legacy.

Here’s why…

The times demand we must be able to provide food, clothing, housing, communication and transportation for ourselves.

Here’s the secret to how…

Secret: $2.5 Million Private Placement – This is not a Security (that means not in the stock market).

  • First, let me say we have a No Loss Guaranteed
  • Secondly, we know most believe they don’t have access due to the sizeable contributions (deposits) traditionally required to participate, so…
  • Lastly, we’ve segmented the contribution into manageable chunks for groups

Don’t let the big money scare you, or the small money bore you, this is about using a safe financial tool with big rates of return with no market loss exposure at all. None.

Oneness Wellness Foundation 501c3 has 4-Private Placements. We are raising funds to create $2.5 Million within each. The initial placement amount is $250,000. A group of 10 people with $25,000 each or a single qualified private funder for a placement of $1 Million.  Our goal is to raise a minimum of $10,000,000 in the next 15 years.

Private Placements have been a financial mystery, a long time, best kept secret now revealed.

By now your mind may have fallen back onto the hamster wheel of conditioned doubt, unbelief and fear so let me help you here.  The wealthy say, the first rule of money is don’t loose money and the second rule is, see rule number one.  The wealthy, the banks, the insurance companies ALL use this secret called private placement.  So can you.

Guaranteed Assumptions: Value Projection of Private Placement (what YOU get in return)

  • Short Term: 5-year Annual ROR of 8%; $20,000 yield per year. Projected Long Term Gross: $350,000.00
  • Long Term: 15-year Annual ROR of 12%; $30,000 yield per year. Projected Long Term Gross: $700,000.00

Long Term Net return: $450,000.00 tax-advantaged (tax free) when proceeds are received into your legacy strategy account.

Complete details in our Private Placement Memorandum  Learn more here

Each Private Placement is funding one of four community sustainability projects.

  1. Land for Agriculture Use
  2. Bio-Fuel Production
  3. Neighborhood Revitalization / Housing
  4. Manufacturing

The project’s capitalization and operational expenses are paid from project revenue and the leveraged value of our Private Placements.


  1. Positive Cash Accumulation
  2. Protection Against Market Loss
  3. Upside Growth Potential
  4. Favorable Tax Position
  5. Guaranteed


  • Risk Free High Yield
  • Can Supplement Education or Retirement
  • Positive Cash Flow
  • Reliable Gains
  • Economic Development Footprint
  • Leave a Family Legacy
  • Peace of Mind for the Future

For more information and participation qualifications for becoming a Oneness WEllness Lifestyles Private Placement Funder contact: HealthyFinances@7FigureSuccess.com

This Private Placement is not a Security. 

A non-profit fundraiser to build sustainable communities for healthy spirit~ mind~ body~ family~ finances~ community and environment.  No Family Left Behind.


is it true_best financial tools

Webinar: TransFiguring Finance

I am here to inspire, lead and transform the hearts and minds of all, especially the ambitious, dissatisfied and underserved into a positively charged raging financial revolution.  Sign up now.

Black Women in Finance and The Men Who Love Us.  

I invoke a mother’s movement of dedicated daughters and committed sister’s to embrace, acquire and utilize a Fortune 500 World Class Financial education platform. Daring us to become Black Women “Inside” Finance to secure our own future, our Children’s Children and The Men Who Love Us. 

I am a Luminary Financial Advisor. Sign up for this life changing WEBINAR: The Seven 7-TransFiguring Finance Series on How to Get “inside the wealth” ON PURPOSE. This training intensive makes the science of finance an intimate conversation prayerfully charged with Sacred Fire Love, creating a legacy of Wisdom, Power and Wealth.

Graduates are certified licensed professionals. 


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Tonight 9:30p EST Black Women In Finance

Tonight 9:30p EST Black Women In Finance And The Men Who Love Us

An intimate conversation, starting in Women’s History Month March 10, 2016 at 9:30 pm/EST, 8:30 pm CST/ 6:30pm PST about the who, what, when, where, why and how’s of being a World Class Success Black Women in Finance. http://healthyfinances.7figuresuccess.com/cp/2

Tonight 9:30p EST Black Women In Finance

Tonight 9:30p EST Black Women In Finance And The Men Who Love Us

An intimate conversation, starting in Women’s History Month March 10, 2016 at 9:30 pm/EST, 8:30 pm CST/ 6:30pm PST about the who, what, when, where, why and how’s of being a World Class Success Black Women in Finance. http://healthyfinances.7figuresuccess.com/cp/2


Black Women In Finance #BWIF

It’s Way Past TIME Beloved.

BWIF LIVE & Virtual Event

Black Women In Finance And The Men Who Love Us

An intimate conversation, starting in Women’s History Month  April 7, 2016 at 9:30 pm/EST, 8:30 pm CST/ 6:30pm PST  about the  who, what, when, where, why and how’s of being a cash flow educated Black Women in Finance

7-Sessions Online through March, April, May . June2016  Seven sessions in 7-weeks to co-create what matters most to you, in you and around YOU from your heart space.

Black Women In Finance And The Men Who Love Us The SEVEN 7-Day SERIES gets you to your financial breakthrough- World Class Financial Success – your heart’s desire to live in the higher aspects of wealth-building and preservation to establish a GENERATIONAL LEGACY in your here and now life experience and for the yet unborn children and grand & great grandchildren.

It’s not about money mastery,  it’s Mind Mastery:

Wealthy (5%) of people plan for the next 3 – 7 generations. While the middle class and poor plan for Saturday night activities, the weekend or vacations.  So who’s maxing out of the mental limits of what’s possible for the future of their families?

It’s a Financial Mind Mastery Revolution. No Family Left Behind

I’m very excited, so let me calm down…just a little and ask you...
Be honest, are you like most people?

When you think about the future, do you…

1). Believe things will just work out?

2). Cross your fingers that nothing awful will happen?

3). Wonder when your lucky break through will come?

There’s another way to think about your future, that’s less…shall we say,

less powerless.

  • Do you feel stuck or heavy laden with money matters?
  • Does your “inner light” seem more like a flicker than a flame?
  • Is there an ache of sadness or regret deep inside about your finances that you work hard to cover up?
  • Are you impressed by your financial conditioning, based programming or the baggage (old beliefs like, “money doesn’t grow on trees, do I look like Rockefeller?, money is the root of all evil”)  into feeling oppressed depressed or suppressed?

Maybe you are unfulfilled and uncertain about the direction to go, the path to follow or guidance to take.



“I really wish I could put into words THE EXPERIENCE I shared with Shifa today, in one word EXTRAORDINARY.”  ~ Tomika D
“Oh Shifa!  You are so in tuned to life’s frequency.  Keep it up my sister!  The world is a better place because you are in it and it will be an even better place once its inhabitant’s discover your vision. May God bless and continue to keep you.” ~ Vivia


Breakthrough to the financial greatness of your birthright.

Listen, it is in you to be discovered. You can not only discover your next step, you can take it.

Oneness Wellness Lifestyles Healthy 7-OCTAVES Sessions:

~ Experience personal ecstasy as fulfillment in equilibrium.

~ Release the myth of balance, embrace the reality of personal peace.

~ Feel the 7-O.C.T.A.V.E.S. Resonance of Life’s harmony in you, as YOU.

In the midst of the noise, discord and distractions The Seven Day Series in 7-Sessions provides the substance you need so you can learn to navigate through the waves to your own personal journey into the Harmonious Holistic Healing of your LIFE.

Come access your ascension power.  Reach higher realms of healing for yourself and humanity. Realize you cause a peaceful mind body world and effect the planetary state.

Yes, I know how big these promises are.  You come empty, expecting an overflow and you’ll leave full. Life is music, let’s dance in higher octaves..

The 2016 DATES: The Seven Day Series in 7-Sessions is a safe space to co-create what matters most to you, in you and around you from your heart space.

  • March 10th and 24th
  • April 7th and 21st
  • May 5th and 19th
  • Culmination June 2nd

Experience all 7-Sessions*

REGISTER flows in 1 Easy Step:

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*Resource material, videos and workbook included.

Our optimum intimacy capacity LIVE Online is 40.  **Live in-person 260 maximum.


**LIVE event group booking for The Seven Day Series in 7-Session Oneness Wellness Lifestyles speaking engagement: Shifa’s personal Presence, power, inspiring wisdom teachings and self-study workshops uplift participants into a peaceful, productive state of Being. called the Oneness Wellness Lifestyles 7-Octaves of Harmonious Holistic Healing.  Session participant capacity 260 maximum per session. Contact the Oneness Wellness Foundation for agreement, calendar availability and in-person fee schedule.

An In- Gathering in the LOVE  Wisdom & Power of Oneness to Do Good Works

We are a non-profit 501(c)3. Portions of your purchase are tax deductible. Proceeds benefit Oneness Wellness Foundation C.R.A.P. Education Series K-12 students and the Oneness Wellness Foundation No Family Left Behind Financial Literacy RISE Project.

I give thanks with a grateful heart.

Your sister in sharing,

Shifa!  aka R.J.