Helping Families RISE Financially!

Step-by-step you'll feel your leadership ability to financially SECURE your family increase. Your MENTALITY will most likely struggle with these unfamiliar (to you & the 95%) INSIDER concepts and fundamental financial truths.

Re-Framing Money: Aim for The Heart

“You must capture and keep the heart of the original and supremely able man and woman before their brain can do its best.” These words were spoken by the great industrialist, Andrew Carnegie, and…I couldn’t agree more. When I think back on the people who have motivated and inspired me in my business career, there…Read more Re-Framing Money: Aim for The Heart

Yes, Really…Healing Money

People look at me cross-eyed...   Over the past 45 years I've helped thousands of people live healthier lives and heal from disease and stress. THEN when I implemented our #HealthyFinances domain as the front runner of services many of you questioned me about how the two fit together. Oneness Wellness Lifestyles Foundation. ETO is…Read more Yes, Really…Healing Money

Reach New Heights

New Heights. Tap into the Oneness of your higher self, a deeper you. Experience the Inner Essence Healing Love, Treasures of Wisdom and Personal Power of Oneness. Schedule a 30-minute call with me 609.832.3157 You'll get "aha" insights, answers and clarity for your life that are hidden just beyond your knowing. Everyone's energetic pattern for…Read more Reach New Heights


Oneness Wellness FoundationPresents "OctoberTruth" ~Unveiled Lifestyle Mysteries~ Spirit  Mind  Body  Family  Finance  Community  Environment  Why YOU Are the One.  October 30, 2016 Charlotte NC Tickets $50 in advance $75 after September 9th.  25 VIP luncheon seats. Featuring Motown musician Wali Ali & The Biggest Little Band as musical guest.  Stay tuned! 

Webinar: TransFiguring Finance

I am here to inspire, lead and transform the hearts and minds of all, especially the ambitious, dissatisfied and underserved into a positively charged raging financial revolution.  Sign up now. Black Women in Finance and The Men Who Love Us.   I invoke a mother's movement of dedicated daughters and committed sister's to embrace, acquire…Read more Webinar: TransFiguring Finance